Derpy Will Never Die


(This article is not mine, but I’m absolutely agree and I am committed to sharing these words and reach more people who base their ideology on tolerance and love equally.  Ariel)

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In an effort to stay politically correct, it appears that Hasbro and The Hub have indeed erased Derpy Hooves from TV show cannon because apparently a small minority of people are offended by her character, and their in lies the irony. For you see, in an effort not to offend people with disabilities, Derpy has become a citizen erased because her character has a fictional disability we have termed “derped eyes”, for her eyes are “derped”.

To “derp” is to have a brain fart or to have a moment where the brain does not function as it normally does. In furry culture, one who has a brain fart often gets derped eyes when this happens. To be derpy does not mean the same thing as “retarded” in either the historical or modern pejorative contexts. It is simply a comical expression of having a mental glitch.

In many ways, the way she was presented originally by the show was somewhat offensive, but that is because the writers of the show failed to understand this character that the internet created. Many portrayals of Derpy have been, not as a klutz, but as a ditsy airhead and mail courier who loves muffins, but not necessarily one who was a clumsy idiot, only clumsy by superficial appearance in her haphazard way of doing things. These are very specific traits that are very hard to miss for those who have looked for Derpy related materials. Make no mistake, this is a beloved character that Brony fans feel particularly emotionally invested in.

For those not familiar, Derpy Hooves was created by accident. In the pilot episode of MLP:FiM, a pony with crossed eyes could be seen in the background. Some of the adult fans of the show took that crossed eyed pony, gave her a name and a narrative, and then Derpy Hooves was born.

I want everybody who happens to read this to know that Derpy Hooves will never die as a character. Derpy is a character that the Internet created, that WE created. She does and always will belong to us, not the intellectual property owners. But I think that’s why seeing Derpy go away hurts the fans so much. Because the Brony fans as so emotionally invested in this character, seeing her go away feels like a rejection of the Brony subculture. But it isn’t just the rejection of the Brony subculture that causes emotional hurt. It is the irony that, in order to protect the feelings of disabled people people, born with a biological glitch, a character will be erased who was born with an animation glitch nobody intended. Derpy Hooves is the epitome of one being born different and thriving anyway, and Hasbro and The Hub want to erase her because of it. The irony of this situation is so strong it is almost painful.

So what can be done? The only thing we can do: write letters. If every Brony writes a letter to Hasbro and The Hub, we are sure to save Derpy. If they get a big enough outcry, they won’t have a choice.

But even if they don’t, do not fear. Derpy belongs to the Internet; she is our character and she will never die.

#Ponyspam #SaveDerpy #Brony

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