Lies and fireflies

Once upon a time was a young girl who constantly lied on almost everything she said. She lived with her grandmother, who was widowed, and helped her earn money by sewing and selling clothes.

Her grandmother had had a hard time raising her since the girl’s parents and her husband had died in a car accident, at that moment she did not know the reason why they had left the house so night that fateful October 23.

As the grandmother cared a lot for her granddaughter, she tried to spend as much time as possible with her, being this way she began to notice how the girl distorted the reality in any situation by fusing it with tales or  stories that she had heard previously, the most significant one was, when at school the little girl had told one of her teachers that another one had committed acts of abuse against their classmates, as she had seen it the night before in the law & order serie, causing the professor to lose his job, even when the charges were withdrawn when the people knew the true, she was expelled from school.

With this incident and the psychological report that had been issued by order of the police in order to solve the problem that had caused the little girl, the grandmother realized eventually the importance of the serious chronic lies problem of her granddaughter and somehow become aware and gave meaning to the police report that the night of 23rd hadn’t had much sense until now.

“We found the granddaughter’s backpack with clothes, towels and a coat in the car, the place for which they allegedly were going was the water park that was located 3 miles from home traveling at a speed of 180km on city streets which had a limit of 30km”.

“The last call registered was made from Mr. Miller’s cell to her daughter, who maintained communication until the time when the car impacted the retaining well, after they tried to turn in a square, causing the death of its occupants “.

The Grandma could not decipher for sure what had happened, but she had one thing clear, her granddaughter had been playing another of his lies when the terrible event occurred.

And indeed it had been, Mr. Miller had marked her daughter’s cell phone, as she had gone out to play and hadn’t returned to home, where her family was worried, when she answered the phone she told them that she had been invited by friends to hang out at the water park, when the night fall and people began to leave, she noticed how some guys were watching them strangely, and when their eyes met they she began to chase them, she ran and hidden her in the water slide to avoid being found and return home as soon as those kids weren’t and she had a chance to leave.

The chilling story she had told caused a shock in the family and they left at full speed in her search without even considering calling the police because they didn’t want to lose communication with their child until they could had her in their arms, having to give one of the closed laps were on their way to the park, Mr. Smith saw that a group of children were playing soccer in the street, trying to avoid them at that speed ended in a crash against the retaining wall of the sidewalk…This horrible event could have been avoided if they had not seen that morning the film that her daughter recreated in the phone.

The Grandma was concentrated and focused their energies on trying to correct and solve the terrible problem of her granddaughter, but no matters what her grandmother used to say, or how much she punishes or scolds her, the child refused to change her ways

The careless and arrogant involve of her granddaughter was getting worse, the old belief that it was just a childhood phase, began to be irrelevant, and the old hope that the grandmother had that when her  granddaughter grew up she would stop disappeared.

The grandmother loosed patienceeasier between the constant lies and the haughty attitude of her granddaughter.

One day she “accidentally” lost the instruments sewing from her grandmother on the floor and refused to even try to look for them, knowing the poor view of the latter and that it was the only means of income the grandmother got mad.

She had had enough. She was already tired, in her limits of sanity and self-control. At that time her tired and upset mind was sure that her granddaughter eventually will cause her the death as she had previously done with the whole family, if she did not intervene in the matter.

That night, the grandma put tranquilizers in the granddaughter’s pudding and sent her to bed.

The last thing the little girl remembered was that the medication began taking effect and that she saw fireflies flashing outside of the window. While she was sleeping, the grandma took part of her sewing tools and sews and closed the mouth of her granddaughter forever while she remained in her sleep.

When she finished she was so stressed that had a heart attack and died collapsed over the girl.

It is known that the girl was shocked to be found by the police and the doctors managed to remove the stitches, but she did not open his mouth to say a word since that day until that rainy day when she lost track when she turned 18 years old.

But something is known is that since the disappearance of a now young lady, have been report that when a girl or boy, either, are identified as liars or rude, a cute young lady comes up to them shortly before dusk and offers them a dessert for dinner, and when that child goes to bed the last thing he remembers is seeing fireflies in his window to awaken to the fact that their mouths have been closed for ever.

I wrote this story basing  on the urban legend Lies and Fireflies hoping you will enjoy it. If you have a story to share, you can send an email to

Mastermind of the written text and expressed in this post
Copyright © 2012 Ariel Vargas Vargas.



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