What’s My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic?

«¡hahahahaha! ¿ Who will watch that faggot serie?»

Friki before to watch My Little Pony

«hehehe, Pinkie Pie… ¡NO! I do not like ponies, I’m a MAN»

~ The same Geek after watching a few episodes

«My little pony, My little pony, aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH … »

~ The same Geek after watching the whole serie… for second time

My Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicMLP: FIM or better known as My Little Pony: friendship is witchcraft in youtube, it’s the latest animated serie with subliminal messages that Hasbro has released starring those stupid and amorphous ponies of different colors to steal earn money from parents who have the misfortune of having retarded daughters that cry and moan for their parents to buy them those miniature horses together with their Barbies because they have nothing better to do than play with homosexual animals…or that would be the case if it were not for some strange reason the series is becoming popular with men over 14 years.


My Little Pony is recognized worldwide as the most disgusting franchise, stupid and childish created by Jews in Hasbro to extort money from young female audience, at the 80’s the series was half popular because it was so corny and unbearable that it was butt of jokes throughout the world, as time progressed more people stopped importing the series because every time they renewed it, it more shit done. Hasbro, realizing this, hired Lauren Faust, a very well known animator and fangirl of the ponies since she can remember, Hasbro promised her a full collection of ponies together with a few Transformers and GI Joes in exchange for renewing the stinking series before it was extinguished as the dinosaurs, that’s the form how MLP: FIM was born in the middle of 2010 and even now continues recruiting a huge number of fans (and the vast majority are men), the cartoon will probably end in December 2012.


The cartoon is about the ponies doing stupid things while getting into schizophrenic episodes then repent and tell the Princess Celestia already learned the lesson and then return to make another shit like the last, any resemblance to the life of a Catholic is coincidence. It is rumored that these ponies have amnesia and ezquinofrenia sequels (yes, that is called when it’s in ponies) because they have never learned nor shit in the serie.

The ponies live in a place called Equestria, the most powerful empire on the world, where males are becoming extinct for unknown reasons. Therefore, most females decide to become lesbians or at least bisexual. When that does not work have to choose other options to reproduce themselves as fuck zebras, mules, buffaloes, cows, pigs, dogs, wombats, lizards or even mythological monsters (this is probably the reason why everybody act like idiots and ponies are so happy in spite of having no internet). Thus, the fanservice is assured.

The series is full of puns having to do with horses (equine, horsey, helmets, horseshoes, mane, etc.), since the series is half zoophilic and humor that reminds viewers to cartoons from the 80’s and 90’s,

you know, the days when cartoons were entertaining and had original stories instead to be a bad copy of Ren and Stimpy or be a horrible adaptation of DC’s heroes and /or Marvel that are older than the prom dress your grandmother (and that’s one of the reasons why ponies are popular).

First season

Celestia: ¿does your sister steal you leadership? ¡¡ Send her to the moon!!.

Discord put his best face for this article.

The cartoon begins with Twilight Sparkle, a dark purple unicorn with his slave-attendant baby dragon named Spike who lived in Canterlot until they are sent to Villa Pony, a small town filled with a population mostly lesbians mares, for she stop to read porn magazines and begin to make friends by orders of Princess Celestia, a pony Pegasus-unicorn posing as God.

Upon arrival both they meet five other ponies, Applejack: a farmer of low IQ, Rainbow Dash: athletic lesbian of the town, Rarity: an aspiring prostitute fashion designer, Fluttershy: a victim of bullying and animal lover, Pinkie Pie: the most sociable pony on the town

All unite to defeat another Pegasus-Unicorn named Luna, better known as Nightmare moon.
She was banned and deported to the Moon (before that she was called Violet) by his sister Celestia, because she was black one day used all toilet paper and put the new roll so that unwinds to the side of the wall.

Finally the colored ponies able to defeat Nightmare combining their powers as the Power Rangers launching a rainbow Hyper Beam against her, the beam was so powerful that Luna suffered severe epileptic episodes therefore had to confine her for all season and everypony lived happily ever after.

After those two episodes, they dedicate to messing around and to enter schizophrenic episodes then repent and tell the Princess Celestia they learned something about friendship, about 1 time per chapter.

Second season

Seeing the limited role they played in last season The Cutiemark Crusaders decide to destroy   Ecuestria by releasing “Accidentally” to Discord, an ancient and powerful God of Chaos Celestia old accomplice who was petrified to be better troll than her. When he is released, Discord begins terrorizing Villa Pony with chocolate rain, cocaine, condoms, cum and suppositories.

Since Celestia is an exploitative (exploiter), sent at 6 ponies to detain Discord with the dragon balls harmony elements that they used to stop his sister Moon (who was still recovering from what happened in the previous season). However Celestia forgot that sold the items to pay for maintenance of her castle so the ponies had to find and killask kindly to its new owner.

When the ponies find him, Discord proposes to the ponies play a game with him. These accept, so Discord continues to rip the wings off the two Pegasus, cut off the horns of the two unicorns and left intact the normal ponies per se they are useless by themselves. Then through pure mind pie, Discord gets converted to Applejack a politician, Pinkie Pie in a bitter, Rarity in a kleptomaniac, Fluttershy in Paris Hilton and Rainbow Dash a deserter. Consequently, Discord gave them the elements of harmony.

Unfortunately the elements of harmony are only useful if you have friends. Twilight had no friends, so decides to leave villa pony. Seeing this, Celestia threatened to deport her to the moon, taking hostage Spike.

With no other options, Twilight goes in search of her friends and forces them to help her by threatening to show 2 girls 1 cup with the background song Friday if not accepted.  She Showed them except Rainbow Dash, who was replaced by Spike.

At the end friendship is reborn, the ponies win, the bad guy loses, the episode has an end parodying Star Wars, Equestria is going to hell and everyone happy and content. woo hoo …



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